Montessori Parents

Parents and family are just as much a part of the WMS community as students, teachers, and staff. Parents are encouraged to observe classrooms when appropriate, and parents are regularly invited to various activities at the school, both during regular school hours and at other times.

There are many ways for parents to feel a part of the school community. Parent education meetings, observations, and conferences are just the beginning. There are drama club and ballet performances, science fair presentations, the annual auction, volunteer opportunities, and more. Every parent can be as involved as he or she wants to be, and we welcome your participation.

It’s Krista  :-D

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you the tremendous difference we have seen in our son John Michael since starting your program just 2 months ago. Being a new family to Montessori, we did not know what to expect and hoped for the best. You have well exceeded that expectation.

We were away this weekend with another family and got to see first hand all of his newly learned talents at work. He was mentoring a 3 year old boy who was on the trip with us and my husband and I just looked on in awe! It was amazing! He has become such a helper and a leader. He is so polite, considerate and is listening to us the first time we say things to him! He is peaceful and has concentration. John Michael is taking pride in all that he does and is so independent. I love it! We could not have wished for anything more at this point.

I am so thankful to have found all of you and your school. What a wonderful education in life and academics you provide for our children. I do feel like it is a family at WMS and we are very happy to be a part of it.

We know the materials are the core tools used in education, but we also know that it is ALL OF YOU that make the real difference in these children. Ms. Chiste has had a dramatic impact on John Michael, my husband and I and we love her (not just because she loves hockey, like we do)!!!!!! Ms. Lingo has also touched our family as well and we are so grateful that our son has this opportunity – which we know will set the tone for his entire life moving forward.

I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an outstanding job and it is your personal touch, as well as many other elements, that set WMS apart from other schools!

Have a great day and I know I will see you soon,

Krista (Parent of a 4 year old)